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I want to take a minute to do a little rambling. There has been concern of long flights being boring. I would like to say, I agree that going back and forth along a slope could become boring. You do not have to simply fly back and forth though. You can be bustin' out your favorite moves the whole time! Fly inverted, do low passes, aerobatics or what ever turns you on. For example I made a 45 minute TD flight last year with a Sophisticated Lady and was doing aerobatics for kicks the last 15 minutes or so of the flight. One day it was too windy for my Tower Hobbies Vista to do anything of importance time wise. My buddy Dave had his retiever there and let me shoot my landings using it so I wouldn't have to walk so much. When I got to the last two I decided it would be more fun to get them "the hard way". On approach I would do two loops and land. It made it way more entertaining and much more difficult. Could it have come back and bit me on the behind? Yup, and it did many times, but it was fun! My point is it doesn't have to be boring if you use your imagination. Will it cost you some flights or landings that would have made it, probably. Will it make the ones you get more exciting, definatly! The intent of this program is to be challenging, fun and to give a bit of structure to our soaring days to keep things from becoming stale. Like so many other programs, this program is not meant to be done in one season of flying. It's also going to get exponentially harder. By the time you get to the Titanium level I guarantee you will have worked for it! This is not going to be some fodder for the "you just want an easy way out, want it light" crowd to throw in your face. In fact, I intend for it to be worthy of admiration by others no matter if you compete or not. There will always be those who will be down on this program I'm sure. To those I say, it will be time for THEM to put up or shut up just like we were told to do. (why do I feel like i should be shouting "REVOLUTION" and shaking my fist right now?) Thanks for letting me ramble and rant a bit. I needed it!
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