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Flight Impressions

I maidened the Ultima BX a few days ago but there was some wind so I had to wait until today to get it trimmed out properly. Now that it's trimmed I can say for certain that it's a really beautiful flying model. It has nice pattern flying charactersitcs but with a twist; on max throws it is very, very responsive and can pull off some very good moves. This is the flying style that I like best; precision for pattern and great responsiveness for aggressive 3D. I'm very pleased that I bought this plane as right now it's in my top 3 for enjoyable flying.

Some particular highlights of this model:

- Very stable with great tracking and responsiveness at low speed; it really floats around

- Very easy to hover

- Fantastic knife edge; can go really slow and at high angles of attack. I spent a lot of time doing this today as it's very enjoyable with this plane

- Excellent rolling harriers

- Very tight loops can be done with it basically rotating around the main wing.

- It looks great. I find the Katana'ish shaped wing very appealing

I have it balanced and trimmed very well and it is flying very precisely. I found myself spending more time flying slowly than I usually do because this plane is enjoyable to just cruise around. I remember feeling the same about my Primus Z when I first flew it. When I cranked up the speed and flung it around it performed well. I'm really happy with this plane!
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