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Build Log of EPI-WIG. a WIG(wing in ground effect) vehicle.

I saw a video of a wing in ground vehicle years ago, though it was cool, and that was it.

Recently I was bored and started sketching something on paper that had just come into my mind.

The materials were going to be what I had on hand. So they ended up being quarter inch thick Fan-Fold-Foam(FFF) bamboo skewers, Titebond II wood glue, rubber bands, and a bit of tape

Oh and to remove any confusion the skewers are used to hold everything together. And it works really really well. I used it first with the wings, holding the layers together, and later for holding the layers of foam together for various parts.

The electronics:
2 mini servos
Motor and ESC from a Crashed FreeWing F6F Hellcat
1300MaH Li-po

Wing span 2.5 feet, wing chord 1 foot.

Weight with all electronics ~1.25 pounds

EDIT:Oh this is one of the original sketches I did on the design of the craft.

Done with the program Colors, on my Nintendo DS

I did a rough design of it in Sketch up

I started building it, with no real final set of plans in mind.

I decided to use custom version of the Kline-Fogleman step airfoil

I gave the fuselage a nice tear-drop shape

Lots of room for electronics and ballast.

The wing on the fuse

I got all the electronics in to it, I still have to mount the battery and the receiver, run the antenna, put the skid material on the bottom of the fuse, cut off all the the ends of the bamboo skewers and sand them, and paint the plane. I may also give it some wing tips to help it with stability.

The skewers you see sticking out here will be trimmed and sanded, I am leaving them until the glue is 100% dry and set.

1.25 pounds

The motor is insanely strong, and gives a huge amount of thrust, so I may have to limit the throttle to make this stay in ground effect.
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