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Pics below :

Quick, I am about to plug this setup in, and I don't want to burn my house down. I made this up, and am fairly certain it is correct for charging parallel.

I want to balance charge two 3s1p 2200 mAh batts with this. So, I can charge at 1c (4.4 amps for both combined), at 3s (11.1v) setting, right? Both the packs are within .1 volt of each other. I may just go with 4 amp balance charge, instead of 4.4 amps, since I am using a 5 amp power supply, is this ok?

So I plug the connector into the 3s charger's balance slot, just as if I were plugging in one 3s pack, right? (the colors all piggy backed and matched up, and plug into the corresponding pins on the charger)

Also, on the discharge leads, both positives combined and both negatives combined and into the discharge lead as one.

Have I got this right? I don't want to blow anything up! I am waiting on some reassurance before I plug it in...

*****Edit: ...and since I'm linked on the OP...more pics!

I re-did the female connector too.

I also added the black shrink wrap over all the wires. It just made is stiffer, and they hold together better.

This was all I had to make:

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