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Hi Ron,
I've never has this plane but I hope you don't mind if I brain storm with you for a minute. What do they say about two minds being better than one.

Originally Posted by daoldguy
This plane is/was a ARF, not a kit build.
I hope some one that has had this first revision reads and replys to your blog because its common sense thinking that the need for the second revision was because of many problems with the first.

Originally Posted by daoldguy
It did fly again with the owner prior to me, however it seemed more a ground based vehicle. It would do 60 MPH down the runway and never lift off.....unless it hit a bump. Shortening the tail wheel to almost the point of dragging helped.
I read on RCG about another plane that would not rotate on takeoff and the LG/wheels were to far forward of the CG. They moved the LG "just in front" of the CG and it solved the problem. With this being an ARF you should not need to move the LG. So, I'm thinking CG.

Originally Posted by daoldguy
however it seemed to fly with a "tail down" stance.
This could tell us two things. 1. Tail heavy, CG to far forward. or 2. Something out of line with the thrust line.

Originally Posted by daoldguy
This plane has a strange negative incidence in the tail and wing, the 2nd revisions of the same plane, do not have that issue.
This may be the biggest part of your problem. Also, with the symmetrical airfoil the wing will need to be at a 90 degree angle from the fuselage (top and bottom) and straight as an arrow. I would measure the wing tip to the stabilizer on both sides for accuracy. This wing should fly the same upright as it does inverted.

If it were mine I think that I would realign the wing and horizontal stabilizer (along with the motor) with the thrust line. This plane should be straight with NO negative or positive incidence. It should NOT be greater or less than zero.
Everything should be straight on this plane. I would make the wing stright from tip to tip and make it nose heavy for the maiden flight. I would put the battery forward as much as possable to get the nose heavy.

That's just my thinking. I'm not near as good as you with models but I hope something I said may have helped.

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