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Highlights of points so far:

Work on the supply chain - especially in the US

Alternative motor mounts to recognise majority of motors these days are b/l and radial mounted (either front or rear).

Do NOT be constrained by the need to promote GWS b/l motors - let the market choose their preference

Retracts - if they are good and you can do it for an acceptable investment.

Liquidate stocks to generate cash flow?

Plug and Play EDF units but RELIABLE and with a decent motor in 30,40,50 size?

We can all have ideas about bringing out an added value version of one of the GWS kits but what this thread needs is some focus.

GWS and GWS alone know which one (or two) models in the range they would most like to see with lifted sales. There could be a variety of reasons - it was always a good seller, it was the one with a few cents extra profit in it, it had very low defect rate coming out of the moulds so was lower unit cost to produce, etc etc

Chen, may I suggest you sit down with Mr Lin and decide which models you would most like to see a sales lift on - you don't have to declare why - but give us a clue and then we can focus on low investment value-adding suggestions applicable to that, or those, specific models.

I feel sure that the idea of upgrading the present range will give a lift to sales at lower cost than introducing new models but if I was Mr Lin I wouldn't want (and probably couldn't afford) a scattergun approach. I'd want a careful and tight focus to get one or two of the "MkII" models to market to evaluate their sales and profitability performance. If the idea works then I'm sure we can all work together to develop ideas around other products in the range till we've got them all covered.

Which would you - GWS - like them to be? NOTE to other readers - my point is that GWS have an inside track on their own production,selling and inventory costs so they, and only they, know where any investment at all is best targeted. Anyone else saying "I think it should be ....." is just blowing fluff into the works. And yes, I know I started my original thread with suggestions about the bipes but that was to get things going.

We can help GWS but we need a pointer as to where we should focus...

Having said, that if you have an LHS that can tell you which models they managed to move off the shelves quickest - over a period of time, not just with a new model launch - that might be helpful info. It's the sort of thing GWS USA should be researching daily and feeding back to GWS HQ but I'm sceptical about whether it happens...
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