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Useful information on band and prop power system sizing?

Hello, Michael Norcia here.

While I generally stay in the DLG side of our curios hobby, I have been drawn as of late towards rubber band powered aircraft.

Do any of you know of any pages with good information, and better yet data on rubber band sizing as well as prop sizing? (when I search for rubber band data etc I only seem to get lists of kits.) The art of using the correct prop and bands is more complex than I had originally guessed, as well as much more important for good flight characteristics.

I am trying to build a few ~12" long gliders of varying designs (one classic flying stick like model and one resembling the "string less wonder") to be flown in calm conditions or indoors. My goal is to have between 30-1 minute flights with simple, fairly light weight depron and balsa frames. I dont want ballistic performance, but enough power to cruise and allow for observation of the flight characteristics, if that helps.

Thanks in advance!

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