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I've had a gabby for about a year now and I still don't have it qua CG the way I would like. It is VERY fast and very squirrely no matter what CG you use, so a very hands on bird. Strange for a plane with polyhedral. It is to do, but it is not restful flying, active. The one good part is that when you use your controls it really responds. I have direct contact with the owner of the company that makes them in Austria and he recommends to build up the trailing edge of the wing bed in the fuse by 2-3mm and recheck the CG. This I have not yet tried but it sounds interesting. One thing I can say is that leaving the tail feathers loose on the rods for easy transportation is a load of BS. I tried it for awhile but the things move around so much that it is impossible to maintain trim so I glued them difinitively in place and it is now VERY dependable. The build of the plane is very very high quality so you will be quite happy with that I'm sure. I've crashed it a couple of times and had a few hard landings but the repairs were simple to do in one evening and go out flying the next day. Oh yeah it has "kevlar hinges" only as far as I can see they are not kevlar, had several splits, put hinge tape over everything that moves and now I don't have no problem no more! The wings are really pieces of artwork, beautifully made. Launches are FANTASTIC with a good one on a 150 meter high start it tries to pull the peg out of the ground if you let it. I don't think I could do better with a winch. Hope this helps you, let us all know how it goes! Douglas
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