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Re: (2) 11.1V 4000mAh rechargeable LI-PO batteries - price is OK, but how about that shipping charge?

I agree. There are some sellers on Ebay that figure they'll make a large
chunk of their profit on the shipping. I always
look at what they're charging for shipping before I bid. Once I bid, I'm a
big boy and have to take my
room to complain.

Remember, if the price you have bid + the shipping cost is still within
reason as to what you are willing to pay for the item,
why complain? Usually, items with high shipping costs don't get high bids,
so it somewhat equals out anyway.,

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> Yeah, but $30 to ship a $25 plane? Across town? Stating in the Ebay
> listing in pretty much all caps, "No local pickup". And I'm pretty sure
> its not USPS.
> Naw, in the case of this particular Ebay seller, its padding the price of
> the plane, I have no doubt.
> Hey, if it works for the dude, more power to him but I wont bid.
> Dan
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>> Have you checked the price to ship stuff by USPS lately? The $25 to $30
>> may be an honest shipping price!! The only economical and dependable way
>> to ship anything of any size these days is FedEx Ground. I have GREAT
>> luck with them. I'm in the hobby business and I ship a lot. Under no
>> circumstances ever let UPS get within 10 feet of anything you don't want
>> to see pulverized and they'll only charge you about three times as much
>> as Fedex for the privilege!
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>>> Because its drop shipped from Hong Kong for one thing. For another
>>> thing, Ebay charges sellers a percentage of the final price but not the
>>> shipping cost therefore some sellers pad their profits by charging a
>>> large amount for the shipping and handling.
>>> There are several Ebay sellers from time to time who supposedly ship
>>> from Los Angeles and charge $25 to $30 shipping on a $24.95 plane but
>>> will not allow local pickup. If they would be honest and maybe bring up
>>> the cost of the plane a bit but charge real shipping I would probably
>>> buy from them but since they don't, I wont.
>>> In the case of these LiPo packs you would still be getting a pair of 4
>>> amp packs for less than $20 each but how good could the quality be?
>>> Dan
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>>>> Why do sellers do that?