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Originally Posted by Lee
Great looking plane Ray!!!

You may laugh but it might fly better flying faster. We tend to slow planes down to near stall, especially some designs like the birds, and then we wonder what is wrong.

To shift the CG forward on the Peregrine I replaced the BW1300 with a BP21 rather than adding weight. they both fit in the same motor mount. I did it for the weight but love the power. It's cool having a bird that will do vertical performance. It really freaks out the eagles and hawks.

I have friends trying to get me back into flight school to study the left stick on my transmitter and how to use it. Hey what's wrong with WOT. If you got it why not use it.
Thanks Lee for the compliment. I will not be able to get up much more speed until I figure out the nose up when adding throttle. At my age and flying ability....slow is my friend. It is easy to go faster than my ability and mind-hand coordination!

After using both a 2s with 9" prop and a 3s with 8" prop, it is fun to have the extra power. I can only use it on loops, but it is quick at that. I need to learn how to do a little throttle/elevator mixing with my Futaba computer radio.

I just saw a video of another Eagle out of EPP....looks interesting. Here is the link: Maybe we could talk him into adding some information to this thread. His seems to be a fast bird!

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