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RC Logger All in One Itís time to criticize!

Most of you guys already know me Iím a heli guy just like you. I donít do programming or engineering for living but I like doing that as a hobby. I need your honest opinions and suggestions what features would you like to see and how to improve my application? . If you donít like or like something please donít be afraid to shout and let me know so I can make it the way you wanted to be.

Iíve been working lately to create cheap tool for our RC hobby. At first I looked at Eagletree but the price was very high once you start adding all add-ons. When I wanted to buy I asked myself is it a good toy bang for the buck? My answer was easy and simple ďnot reallyĒ because besides logging it doesnít do anything else. I started to make a tool RC Logger All in One, probably not the best but it should do the job.
RC Logger All in One:
You can log Battery Voltage, Temperature and brushless motor RPMs.
2 Low Voltages Alarms using buzzer. The first High Voltage Alarm is preliminary alarm which let you know the battery is getting low and second Low Voltage Alarm is the last warning to let you know that if you donít land now, you are about to lose power.
It should work with helicopters and airplanes.
Samples takes every 1 second but Iím thinking to add feature that you can change the delay time from 1-60 seconds. (please let me know if it is a useful feature or not)
Total recording time using 1 second delay between samples up to 75 minutes.
You would need Serial Port on your computer or Serial to USB adapter approximately $10 (sold by 3rd party) in order to use it.

For Application Iím using Excel. The reason Iím using Microsoft Excel because most of you guys have it on your computer and you can always customize it the way you want to. The main feature in Log graph is zoom in statistics. Whenever you zoom in the graph, statistics will always show whatever is visible on the graph. See the video for details.

If you donít use logger feature every time you fly but at least you can use Low Voltage Alarms every time you fly. To measure RPMs I donít use magnets, optical or IR sensors just one wire must be connected to any of the 3 wires between ESC and brushless motor.

Some of you might ask about Current logging but the feature will not be here due to extra cost and I really want to keep it cheap and affordable for everybody. My target price for the product is $30. Please take in consideration that it will NOT be assembled in China because Iím just RC flier who wishes to make one useful multi featured toy for our hobby. On the other hand current doesnít tell us much only battery voltage and rpms are important. When battery is old or weak it will not produce enough current to keep rpms high but weak or old battery can tell us under load low voltage and warn us about battery problem. Lower voltage + Lower rpmís = Weak Battery

RC Logger All in One will be upgradable by downloading newer firmwareís to add features but you would need Max233 adapter (sold by 3rd party) otherwise you can build it yourself for $3.

I can add a lot more features for example logging multiple batteries, temperature sensors; strobe led light system, log bec and etc. Please let me know what you wish to see. Iíve been working for the past 3 weeks to create a good template for logger and Iím still not finished. Please tell me how do you like the template for logger. The data in the video is not real, this is just to show how it works.

See the video in full screen and enable HD by clicking on HD icon and then logo.

RC Logger All in One Beta (5 min 52 sec)
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