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Re: (2) 11.1V 4000mAh rechargeable LI-PO batteries - price is OK, but how about that shipping charge?

I have had about equal results with damage from FedEx, UPS, and the USPS.
FedEx has delivered my stuff to random houses in the neighborhood though. I
check to see if it has been delivered, then drive around looking for big
boxes at front doors...


Disclaimer: I've worked for UPS forever, but usually ship other ways due to
price. If I need a ground package actually delivered on time anywhere, UPS
works the best.

"Jim" <> wrote in message
> Have you checked the price to ship stuff by USPS lately? The $25 to $30
> may be an honest shipping price!! The only economical and dependable way
> to ship anything of any size these days is FedEx Ground. I have GREAT luck
> with them. I'm in the hobby business and I ship a lot. Under no
> circumstances ever let UPS get within 10 feet of anything you don't want
> to see pulverized and they'll only charge you about three times as much as
> Fedex for the privilege!
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>> Because its drop shipped from Hong Kong for one thing. For another
>> thing, Ebay charges sellers a percentage of the final price but not the
>> shipping cost therefore some sellers pad their profits by charging a
>> large amount for the shipping and handling.
>> There are several Ebay sellers from time to time who supposedly ship
>> from Los Angeles and charge $25 to $30 shipping on a $24.95 plane but
>> will not allow local pickup. If they would be honest and maybe bring up
>> the cost of the plane a bit but charge real shipping I would probably buy
>> from them but since they don't, I wont.
>> In the case of these LiPo packs you would still be getting a pair of 4
>> amp packs for less than $20 each but how good could the quality be?
>> Dan
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>>> Why do sellers do that?