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Originally Posted by ScaleBrad
Thanks marnochs for posting the pictures.

I am a little worried about your battery setup... By running 2 different capacity packs (I mean the 2 5S packs) you are going to have different RPM's on each motor if you run each pack separately to each motor. If you connect both 5S setups in parallel to both motors, you run the risk of the smaller pack over-discharging before the larger pack. Which is also bad. Either way, you are risking a single-engine out scenario.

Also, what ESC's are you using? I always recommend disabling the voltage cutoff on twin electric setups. I suggested this many times in the E-Flight P-38 build thread, and most people did not listen, had one motor cut out and destroyed the plane, and batteries. Fly with a timer. I have accidentally run my big lipos down 100% and they recharged with no problems. Now these are name-brand Lipos, like Thunder Power and Flightpower..Some other packs may puff a cell and be trash. But ask yourself this, which is cheaper (and easier) ...a new lipo or a new plane?
I totally absolutely agree!!
At my project initially i wanted to build my plane as electric.
To do that i chose 4260 Dymond motors and 60A ESC's.
My battery pack was 2 3cell 5000mAh LiPO in series.
But the batteries were identical. That would ensure (not guarantied of course!!) that they would discharge almost equally avoiding me from BAD suprices!!
I believe that running Parallel batteries on ESC's setup is better than each run separately.
In the worst case its better you have both ESC's cut of the same time. Imagine one motor to stop at 500 faraway from you and suddenly to see your plane putting one wing and dive!!!
On the other hand you could use twin sync but thats another story....!!
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