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Originally Posted by Mera'din
Thanks for the info! So, you can set your own numbers for the discharge, etc...What I don't like about my current charger is that the discharge cutoff is set by the cell count. 3s lipo is 9volts, etc...

I am still confused by the power supply. The charger is listed as a 250 watt charger, if I buy a 250 watt power supply I wont be able to use all 250 watt of power?
You're welcome, I'm more than happy to help.

As far as power supplies and output power: power in does not exactly equal power out. Some % inefficiency must be allowed for to account for the power conversion within the charger. In my experience the iCharger is one of the more efficient chargers on the market, with a measured efficiency in conversion of 85-93% depending on input voltage/current and output voltage/current.

For example, charging 6S at 10A would require 252W (6x4.20Vx10A=252W) output. To output 252W would require ~280W (252W/90% eff.) input assuming 90% efficiency in the conversion from say a 15V input to 25.2V (6s Lipo voltage) output.

Hopefully this helps and makes it a little more clear.

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