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Originally Posted by Likeabird13
Thanks! Heres what i'm thinking for a lipo:

6s1p zippy flightmax 5000mah 20c

On this lipo setup with the stated above turnigy 50-65 270kv outrunner does anyone have a guess as to were i should start with a prop selection?? Im thinking maybe 15x8????? I'm really not sure. Ill be runing a 80 amp ESC. Any input would help! Thanks

I think your kv is too low for this application with 6 cells and you will need a monster prop to get it to draw the wattage you probably want. I have a 50-65 400kv Turnigy on 6 cells that I run a 16x8 APC -E prop. I also run a 50-65 270kv on 8 cells with a APC-E 18x10 and helped a newbie to test the power draw of his 580kv version on 6 cells this morning!

To get your 270kv motor to draw say 1000 or so watts I reckon the prop diameter will need to be 20 or 21 inches! I suspect the undercarriage on the Cessna isn't long enough!

Could I suggest you work out what diameter prop you can safely run first, then the motor kv selection should be relatively straight forward. On 6 cells, a 580kv Turnigy 50-65 will be limited to either a 12 or 13 inch prop within the peak current limit, 400kv will be 15 or 16 inches and the 270kv version, as I said, much larger again.

I would also suggest that the wing area isn't that big on this model and that if you intend to use a 6 cell pack maybe a 4000mAH (or even smaller!) may be more appropriate for this model.

Hope this helps!

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