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Re: Saito 91 and 100 air filter

No, but wise men make one out of window screen cloth covered with old
stocking material. Use zip ties to hold the assembly together and on the
venturi stack.

I took the screen wire and wrapped it around the knob on my drill press to
get the shape since I wanted lots of surface area to avoid choking the
engine. This got zip tied to the venturi stack. THEN I got an old pair of
stockings and put a chunk over the wire and zip tied it to the venturi
stack. Keeps the dirt out and does not appear to starve the engine for air.

YMMV - good luck,

Jim Branaum
AMA 1428


"Phil" <> wrote in message
> My first Saito's, is there an air filter made to go over the carb?
> Phil