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Sorry for your loss.

Maybe others can share their "rules of thumb" for
battery transport, storage, handling and charging.

1) Always remove jewelry rings, bracelets, watches,
necklaces. Gold is a GREAT conductor. A short of
any battery pack through jewelry will cause burns
and may remove body parts. Do not put batteries
in your pocket as loose change or keys can cause
a short.

2) Always assume a battery is loaded and treat it
just like a loaded gun. Even discharged cells may
have enough potential to cause fire in the event
of a short.

3) Storage/Transport? How do you store cell packs,
foam lined coffee can? Glass jar with foam? Any non-
conducting cushioning insulators out there?

4) Check and double check your charger settings.
Never leave a charging battery unattended. Never
charge indoors. Any others?

-- ggunners
ggunners is online now Find More Posts by ggunners
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