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Danger - LiPos

I just lost my car (a '99 Lexus LX 470, two planes, and lots of personal stuff) to a LiPo problem.

I flew my S&B 152 with Lipos for the first time today. The LiPo vendor shall be unnamed for now. The plane augered in, I picked up the pieces and placed them on the back seat of my car, AFTER disconnecting the batteries.

I go to fly my 3D (with NiMH). 3 minutes into the flight I hear "your car is on fire". I turn around and my car is in flames, a total loss within 5 minutes by the time the fire truck came.

The only thought I have is when the plane augered in, the LiPos shorted internally. Note I carried it a hundred yards or so with no signs of a short, no heat, no problems. Once they shorted, they ignited and the car was toast.

Luckily the dog in the back jumped out when the fire started.

Gone are my car, my S&B 152, my charger (a new Schulze 636+), and my Firecat along with 4 8x1100 NiMH packs, two 3S2P LiPo packs, two 8xFAUP packs. And lots of personal stuff like a pilot's license, medical, credit cards, ... . This sucks big time.

No one was hurt. Thank the powers that be.

LiPo technology is DANGEROUS. Use at your own risk.

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