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What is the minimum C rating of this odd battery?

I bought a ST Model RC 3S2P 2200mAh battery from a bargain bin the other day. Not until I got home did I realise that it did not have a 'C' rating. I plan to run it in a foam profile jet that only pulls 12A static, and I have never seen LiPo's under 6C, so I figure it is probably okay.

As long as I check the temperature every now and again on the first flight, and it does not get too warm, is there any other reason that it would not be okay?

Strangely, it weighs only 144g, which is rather light in comparison to my Loong Power 3S1P 2200maAh 25C that weighs 180g. It also came with 18 gauge leads, compared to the 12 gauge leads on my other brand. Although it is much shorter, it is also a little thicker than the other battery in the photo.

What is the minimum that it is likely to be??

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