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Me? The guy to talk to? Naah, I doubt it. If you want professional help, you should ask Basketcase or Belgy - they are the TM pros.

But, I can still help...
No, you do not *definately* have to buy the tigermoth as a second plane, but it is really nice. In my opinion, the SS and TM are the two best beginner planes... but there are others that you'd enjoy as well. It depends on whether you prefer foam or balsa, electric or IC, what size plane, scale or made-up, etc.
Another really good choice is the Mountain Models Dandy (regular wing - not dandy sport or GT). Most say that the Hobby-Lobby Mini-piper is a good one too, the GWS J-3 pico-cub is good too, the Hobby-Lobby Chubby Lady is okay, etc etc etc.

Anyway, this is the thread for movie discussion, so I recommend that you start your own thread, and say - "what should my next plane be". you'll get tons of help.

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