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Error code testing

Originally Posted by johnIn2SonAZ
Great first post Xrayted!
Lot's of good stuff on there that you and i have spent Hours on the phone talking to each other about.
I was able to fly several packs today and think I have been able to sort out a couple of the error codes that appear in my software. At least I can see a pattern to them now.

Error code 9: Communication signal interception is there on every flight no matter if the heli is plugged in with the battery in or not. It seems to simply indicate that the heli is plugged into the PC. (Image 1)

Error code 12: Battery residual quantity fall only shows if you fly the heli until you get the yawing or main rotor pulsing warning that LVC is coming soon. It just seems to be an indication that this warning occured during flight and does not show if you stop flying before this happens. (Image 2)

Error code 10: Communication noise and code 15: battery ID disagreement also only seem to show when the yawing alarm is triggered. I still have no idea what this verbage is telling me and what this has to do with the voltage alarm? How hard would it have been for TT to simply give us written explanations of these codes? Bottom line is that if you stop flying before any built in alarms are triggered during flight, you will not get these errors when you plug into the PC.

There is also a "Memory Clear" icon in the data logger tab. Once you hit this you must wait patiently for about 20 seconds and then a confirmation of the data delete will appear. This clears the data gathered from the previous flight from the heli ICS (Image 3). Im not sure what purpose this serves as the heli automatically overwrites the data from the previous flight once it is flown again anyway.
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