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Originally posted by Eddie P
ScottS said:
>>>>>Could you provide some numbers for this 20x cost difference?>>>>>

Well, getting the calculator out, 4 Graupner speed 600's @ $17.01 ea, One New Creations M-80 ESC, $90 ea. 20 loose cells of 2400 mah Sub C @ $130.... $288.04 total, for the entire 4 engined powertrain.
Now for brushless.
4 Mega 22/45/3 motors @ $ (appx.) 220.00 ea, 4 Jeti 40amp ESC @ $88 ea, 40 loose cells of 2400mah sub C @ $260.
Total is $1492.00, and we haven't even spent a dime on the model and radio setup yet.

Yes, you are correct, it isn't 20 times the price, just more of a generaliztion here. But for 1500 bucks in just the model's powerplant, somebody's first multiengine project (as he said) just got pretty pricey (into turbine range), and we haven't even touched on the RF feedback issues involved in brushless multi-motor, long wired, big model applications.

You are still cheating alittle... comparing a 20 cell setup to a 40 setup isn't really apples to apples. There is no reason not to use a 20 cell brushless setup if 20 cells works for a brushed setup. I think the Jeti 15/4 ($89) or Jeti 30/3 ($99) would be much closer motor matches. If you want to deal with the startup issues you might also be able to get by on 2 controllers instead of 4, but even with 4 controllers and 30/3 motors.. this brings the total down to $878. This is still 3 times the cost of your speed 600 setup, but a far cry from 20x. I would still be considering the brushless setup, there is really no comparison in quality between the Jeti brushless and a Speed 600 in my opinion, but this is more of a personal preferance.
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