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Originally Posted by tallflyer
Well Lets do some Market testing

lets say I have a friend who can cut us kits

he will use a CNC laser and I auto cad the Yak!

we will have to do a order for a min of lets say 25

after all is said and done what should we sell them for $

what all should we include.

Foam/motor mount/carbon for the wings?

Shipping cost!

do we leave them just white.

Everyone chim in here

I just started my build last night. Painted and assembled, no electrics yet. It's a standard all 1.3 9mm.

I would be very interested in a .9# fluffy that was CNC cut. I think Carbon should be included. Paint should be an option, I prefer to do my own. The only other thing that I think you should consider is hardware. Maybe control horns and the little balsa squares for mounting them. You do great videos, so a good online build vid would help I think. Include your tricks and tips for hinges and motor mounts and such. Great stuff. Price, I assume you would need to charge around $45 or so to make it worth your while. I would do one that is CNC and .9# foam.

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