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Originally Posted by Daedalus66
You're going to have to tell us a good deal more about what type of helicopter and what exactly your problem is. Also, you might be better off looking for information on how to set up a helicopter in the appropriate helicopter forum. Finally, "left aileron" doesn't apply in the case of a helicopter.

But here's a try anyway.

I'm assuming you are setting up a collective pitch helicopter with electronic CCPM arrangement (three servos driving the swash plate).

That means you should set the swash type for CCPM 120 (page 89 of the manual). If you do this, then receiver channel 6 drives servo 3, while channels 2 and 3 drive servos 1 and 2 respectively.

The servos are often called aileron, elevator and pitch, but this is very misleading as no one servo does any one function. Rather, the aileron movement of the right stick (assuming mode 2) causes the two side servos (1 and 3) to move in opposite directions (for lateral tilt). Forward elevator movement causes 1 & 3 to go down and 2 to go up (assuming the side servos are at the front). Collective pitch (throttle stick) causes all three servos to go up or down.

I hope this answers your question. If not, tell us more.

PS Your Lat and Long coordinates seem to indicate North Dakota. Why not show that directly in your profile?
Thanks for the info. Well I figured radio question, good place to ask would be radio forum I understand that there really is not a left & right aileron on a heli, but it was the easiest way for me to describe what I was trying to achieve. I for some reason thought that when a person had the dx6i radio model type set to Helicopter that it would automatically set the swash to ccpm. Obviously I was mistaken and the issue has now been resolved.
I suppose I could put my location. I just never got around to filling out much of my profile.
Once again I appreciate the reply
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