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Originally Posted by JanBoothius
check out
I think you will have a happier time buying there, they have a great reputation, and the same cannot be said for range video...

for the easystar, you might want to check out this fine members blog: look for the part about the easy glider wings on the easy star. You will want to put ailerons on your easystar, whether you put the larger wings on or not.

I couldn't help you much with the motor/esc/prop stuff at all... Except to say that for endurance, the easyglider wings will give the easy star a MASSIVE endurance boost..
As to the radio, I can't help you much either, just make sure the radio is compatible with one of the available head tracking units out there. The issue with stock radios is limited range (unless you can build an aftermarket amplifier). There are two long range systems available that are much better suited for FPV, but its all pricey, and require a normal RC radio to connect to anyhow.

rest of the gear is good... just know 900mhz video can cause some issues with other electronics onboard the plane... search the forums and there is lots of info about setting up your plane correctly so there isnt 900mhz video interference.
Ok thanks for the nghobbies tip, didn't realize there were issues with RV.
I read scrtsqrl's blog and was definitely planning on doing that mod as well, looked sweet.
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