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Originally posted by Grapeape
It all depends on how big you want to make the file. Click on "Make Movie" then click on "settings" and you will have a choice of make Mpeg, or Windows media file, as well as others. Try a few options, until you get the balance of file size and resolution you can live with. It all depends on the user bandwidth you are shooting for to make them happy with the DL.
I just got VS 7 and find the manual confusing because of the lack of detail on all the parameters and what they mean. Kirby and I would like to make videos.

Our target audience are Ezone users. I think alot of them have broadband access so putting up a file up to 20megs in size is reasonable. Others have dialup so we would like to be able to accomodate them also.

Last night was my first attempt. I have a 5min clip. I used the DV capture option of DV-2 and I ended up with a 495meg avi file.

So I tried rendering this file using Mpeg 1 and 2, WMV, and Quicktime.

The smallest I could get a Mpeg 1 or 2 down to was 45m and it was so severly compressed that it wasn't worth it.

WMV settings where confusing. I couldn't figure out which WMV rendering option to choose.

I had the best success with Quicktime. I was able to render it to 16megs at a screen size of something like 200x190, 70% compression, 24fps. It seemed a good compromise between quality and size. Even when you double the screen size in the QT Player it looked good.

So far this has been trial and error for me which is OK but there must be someone who can give us the parameters that will meet our needs for a broadband user and dialup user. No need for me to invent the wheel when I know there are a lot of people putting video on the web. The videos at are examples of what I would like to work to at least in file size and quality.

There are so many parameters in this program that are not discussed by the manual. Options in dialog boxes are ghosted out that look like they would be something I could use, wierd framerates in Mpeg; what is the difference between 24 fps and 23.98 fps for example.

I realize that VS7 is not the end all of video editing but I'm trying to do this on the cheap until I can afford and figure out what new computer to do this stuff on.


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