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Originally Posted by rwthomas1
I may be a complete dolt but I have searched the HC site and cannot find anything specifically called a "blue wonder"..... Ya, I'm "that guy", need it spelled out for me! Thanks for the responses so far!

What do these thing fly like anyway? Have a Hyperflea and love it. Also have MPXT, MSCom Citabria, etc. RT

Nope, sorry, they aren't called blue wonders on that site. But many know of it as the blue wonder 24 gram CDrom style outrunner.




The alternative 1500

Alt 1300

Alt 1700

I would suggest either of the 1500 or 1700's for the swift II.

Tower Pro ESC

9 Gram servos

Rhino 610

That should be all you need for it. PLEASE, don't modify your swift II. It does NOT need a lot of extra tape or carbon spars. Keep it lite lite lite and you will be happy with it. Use a 7060 or 7035 GWS prop with the 1700 or an 8040 on the 1500 motor and you will have plenty of thrust and draw around 7~8 amps and have plenty of speed to boot. The only mod you will need is to enlarge or create larger cut outs for some of the components like the ESC or your RX. I cover those with strapping tape, or white duct tape and that is all I use. Two of my buds fly this exact same setup and LOVE how theirs flys and floats. Go heavy, and you lose the slow float that it can do. Also keeping it lite means you are less likely to break it from a crash.

It will be similar to your hyperflea, but floaty. You can take it out and just chase thermals if you like. I got an hours flight on my first one, which was much heavier with a 3S 1000 lipo just floating in the wind and lift. But it is still fun fast and low, or slow and low. Doesn't high alpha like the fleas and flys, but it is more locked in / precise IMO.

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