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Another Tuffy Started in PI.

Hi Folks,

Well I got a bit done this afternoon. I hope to get gear installed tomorrow and maybe have her ready to fly. Looks like servos go in the fuse and pushrods are run low under the prop arc from your pictures, Bob. My motor centerline is 5.5" above top of wood boom. I'll be using a 10 x 4.7 Slow-Fly prop or smaller.

I've attached some pics of what I have so far.

I'm shooting for around 6 to 7 oz/sqft with camera installed. We'll see how it goes. I'll update and post more pictures as things progress. I will probably build a smaller 300+ sq" wing for sport with ailerons as well. The two wings I have available have about 450 sq" effective area. That's just over 3 sqft. However it turns out is the way I'll fly it. Probably go with LG to begin with to protect the pushrods and avoid hand launches but I could change my mind on that. We'll just have to see how she winds up. These things sort of have a development life of their own for me. I don't plan ahead much and they just turn out the way they turn out.

Anyway it's all grins and giggles!

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