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**Tuffy** Udate.

Here is some info on **Tuffy** number III. The second build used the same wing and tailfeathers as the first. The only replacement was the fuselage. I was still able to break the fuse in front of the motor mount so it was cutting down on our durability goal. I was able to get five good prangs on it with on site repairs with hot glue gun.

The third **Tuffy** pictured here has a new wing per the plans made from Elmer's Foamboard with the colored backing (in this case, red and green) left on. The fuselage is new with slight changes in the bamboo rod positioning to gain some strength. The tail feathers and boom (1/2/" square balsa) from the original and have been through much abuse.

AUW with 1000 mah lip is 22 oz (324 gms.)

**Tuffy** three has eight flights, all excellent. Take offs are straight and power is just right for an primary trainer. Stalls are imaginary, very gentle and straight. Control is very smooth using rudder only in a basic trainer configuration. Add in ailerons and turns are precise with a touch of rudder (my habit). With a little wind and flaperons programmed in, short field landings are a blast.

The only thing left to do if desired by the builder is to add fuselage skins to cover the equipment. Personnally I have kinda grown to like the looks of everything hanging out there for the world to see. I have no video of this one so far as my camera has bombed on me.
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