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Thanks greatly for the help! you are correct I have the 4 channel version. I must admit I am no wiring or circuit board guru so doing alot of hardcore tiny soldering is going to be beyond me lol. At any rate, I was able to verify easily enough that the tiny red led on the rf board lights solidly when the power button is switched on, so I take it I must not have the same exact issue as leadwing did. I will try to figure out which contacts to check for continuity etc, but which exact ones will show the bind switch working or not working? I am now guessing this is probably where the issue lies since the rf light lights up. Can you manually cross two solder points to cause the radio to bind, without the button etc? I mean once the two rx are bound they won't come unbound again anyway will they? Thanks again all for the help. I am a longtime rc car user so the multi channel and plane stuff is new to me...

I did check continuity between the two points shown on the pic above that say SW1 pads which I am guessing are the bind switch connectors...I have a crappy needle type meter or tester but it jumps halfway up the scale when these two solder blobs are touched and then when the bind button is pushed the hand moves further right and pegs the I am guessing this does show the bind switch is working? My meter has two settings xk and x10 so I don't know which is the best for checking..
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