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Originally Posted by ajbaker
I just have to get my 2 cents in. Lets compare apples to apples. The Easy Star ARF (with motor and servos) is 123.00 here. The AXN is $104 w/shipping and the quality of the AXN is superior to the EZ and it comes with ailerons and a brushed motor! So, the AXN is cheaper and already modifed to BL. Easy choice..
P.S. I have an AXN on order now. My EZ needs to be retired.
Thats like comparing a rotten apple to a freshly waxed apple.

The easystar can be found elsewhere for $60.

And quality discussions thus far have been equivalent not superior, unless you consider smooth finish a trait of superiority.

I could easily say, well, I replace my easystar motor/esc with the inexpensive brushless product, now I have an equivalent product at a simillar price, yet I have an extra motor/esc that I could apply to another project. As suggested earlier, the axn doesnt come with a 50 dollar brushless motor.

If we were discussing a 60dollar easystar as compared to a 65 dollar axn both with legit shipping, then you bet your ass, the AXN would win in my mind, hands down, no questions asked.


Id still want the AXN but Im not under any illusion either.
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