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I received some PM's with questions, so I am posting more info here:

Thanks for the questions. I edited my original post. The ESC is a Castle Phoenix 45 programmed for Lipoly.

The batterys are exposed, as I found it helped keep them cooler in the summer, due to the insulating properties of the foam that surround the batteries, they need help staying cool. You could, add a piece of Coroplast taped to the surface of the wing, and add colored tape to match the coroplast battery cover. If you want, I can throw in a 1 ft by 1 ft peice of 2mm white coro. I can also throw in colored tape, if I have any left, of the same colors used on this wing.

The crystal is either channel 24 or 28, as I used either one. You can decide. My transmitter used a synthesizer instead of a crystal (Hitec Eclipse 7). The crystal and the wires that plug into the Rx are left uncovered for easy maintence, as I do with all of my wings. The Rx is below the top surface of the wing.

Also, there is a separate Battery Eliminator Circuit, as the larger servos draw too many amps for the Castle Phoenix built in BEC.

I do not have any lipo packs any more, as I sold them all recently. I used two 2500 mah 4s packs in parallel (4s2P) for a total of 5000 mah.

If you need it, I can include a parallel Deans plug I made, that consists of two male Deans side by side, soldered to a single female Deans. The whole thing was encased in epoxy so no metals parts are exposed other than the deans plugs. I used battery bus bars when I soldered it together. This is the Chris Klique (Ritewing) method of making an adaptor.

The male Deans that is attached to the ESC in the in the photos of the mothership plug into my special parallel adaptor. You might be able to buy a Deans parallel adaptor, but make sure it can do at least 45 amps. Mine can do a lot more. ALternatively, you can buy a large 4s Lipoly. My approach makes for a cleaner wing (split battery packs).


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