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Originally Posted by totalywicked
Wow great stuff Eric.
I am using this as a tutorial I hope you do not mind.
I have a small question for you
I am a bit confused on how you did the middle part of the airframe?
Can you please post a wireframe picture and the picture of the lofts outlines (shapes only)???

Thank you.
No problems mate. The model I made is not completely acurate to the 3 view. This comes with trial and error at the moment as I cannot predict exactly how it will loft from the sketches I derive from the views. Essentially I use the closest primative shape I can to make what I think can fit the shapes from the 3 view, I use multiple lofts of shapes to make one solid which is the easiest way for me to do this, I tried more than once to make a complex shape to descibe the section but when lofted it either comes out twisted or odd because of the complexity so I keep things simple. I posted the lofts I used to make the model from the 3 view I used, it might be a little vague as to how I derived the shapes, all that I did there is to again pick the closest shape to use for modeling the part and match it to the eviews I put into the model as sketches(IPT). What version of Inventor are you using?

Eric B.
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