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Hey! That is a very good tip. My gyro outputs at about 100dgr/s/V, and the maximum rate it can sense using the original OpAmp gain is 160-180dgr/s ish. I can easily turn my head faster which saturates the OpAmp.

I have considered changing the gain of the OpAmp, but I need the sensitivity because I'm planning to use it in my research tracking the orientation of machine tools. So I left it as it is, for now I have to remember to not turn too fast... But it's very good to know that the gyro can sense much higher turn rates! What sort of turn rates were you able to measure?

I have tried to find out more information of the gyro sensor itself on that board, all I know is that it's a Murata, the part number MA 740 does not seem to exist... Do you have any information about it?

I've bought another cheap gyro with heading hold (, this one claims to be MEMS, but the sensor looks exactly the same as the MA 740, apart from the fact that the part number is 823. I have not tested it for head tracking, but I thought it might be of interest to you because it uses a PIC16F716 instead of the Chinese micro controller on the ESky, I donno much about PICs, but you may be able to program it without taking it apart!

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