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In my limited experience and knowledge, the mpeg4 .264 compression is very tight, but you need good horsepower to play it back. WMV has good compression compromises, and it's relatively painless in the way it insulates you from learning all about codecs, compression, etc. Just pick a final resolution and balance bitrate against file size.

One thing dedicated video cams usually have over most still cams that moonlight as video clip cams is that changes in exposure are smoother. I've looked at some of my old Nikon 3700 footage, and in high contrast scenes you can really see the exposure "step" up and down as it reacts to the scene.

Anyone make the jump from WMM to Vegas for editing? I've got it all warmed up and ready to go, but WMM is still so welcoming with its easy-to-achieve mediocrity.
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