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I will now set the sections for the fuselage to be lofted to make the solid model. This is pretty common between all the programs except AutoCAD and some of its spinoffs.

The first step is to place a rather small circle at the nose on the x/y plane(my particular case because I have the program set to default on sketch planes which is x/y and this places my original sideview sketch on the x/y plane. I will outline the steps for this on the first three sketchs to show how this will be done for all steps in this case being the fuselage.

Step 1 open a new part and on the x/y plane "Project Geometry" of the x and y axis to the sketch plane. This serves as the proper way to control sketched entities by dimensional constraint. Draw a circle attaching it to the intersection of the x and y axis.
Step2 is insert this part which I named the fuselage solid model into the top assembly and constrain so the new part is facing the proper direction.
Step3 is to pull a new work plane from the original x/y plane using the "Work Plane" command. Once the new plane is in place start a sketch on it and again project the x/y axis to provied dimensional constraint. I used an ellipse to make the fuselage shape.
Step4 is similar to the last down to the type of primitive shape used.
More later.

Eric B.
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