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Originally Posted by FL Knifemaker
It looks like a great platform to carry a FlyCam or other small camera.
I have just about completed my build-out. I also have an easystar Have the following observations:

1. The cockpit is substantially smaller than easystar and will require some cutting to get in 3s lipo much less camara gear.

2. The "finish" on the foam is much nicer than the easystar. It has a hard glossy look.

3. the fact that the fuse is already glued makes it hard to add much reinforement by way of Carbon fibre.

4. Elevator has to be cut and rehinged to get proper deflection. I am also adding some area to the rudder and the elevator to get more throw.

5. I put reinforced packing tape on underside of wing and added a little hot glue to the wing servo mounts. but the wings seem very firm anyway

6. the motor makes a very high pitched whine which is annoying. but it will take a 6x 3 prop without modification and a 7x4 by just cutting off a tiny tip at each end of the prop.

7 Will try to add some carbon strips to reinforce the cockpit area after I cut it out to make it bigger

Will add white duct tape to the bottom to protect from landing and may add some type of foam "bumper" to the nose to protect from hard nose in landings
( I do this on my easystar as well.)
I will update this when I test fly it. That could take about a week.
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