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Hi Gary,

Yeah, that was exactly my thought but my LE rods hit the fuse right at the LG bulkhead. I am running some small rods through the back portion though.

Back to One Servo...

After building the wings and most of the fuse, I am going back to my "One Servo" conversion. After thinking about it, there are many compelling reasons for this modification including:

1 - Using one $15 9g servo vs Four $25 6g servos for the ailerons in two wings.

2 - Less strain on the BEC as 4 servos taxes them already and I may want a fifth for retracts on the 3D wing.

3 - No messing with y-harness wiring when swapping wings.

4 - Lighter weight.

After looking at the plane, I'm quite certain I can mount a single aileron servo right in front of the rudder/elevator servo tray and run control rods out the side of the fuse to the aileron horns. I'll use snap-on clevises so I'll only need to unsnap and resnap those when swapping wings.

One challenge will be the Speed Wing aileron, stock, sits about 1/2" further back than the 3D wing aileron (the speed wing has smaller ailerons). I'll solve by cutting the TE of the Speed wing and making the aileron larger near the wing root.

Now that the woodwork is nearing completion, I'm confident this modification will work.

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