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** Tony65x55 ** planes and plans.

This post will be our master list of Tony's designs.
Thanks to Jackerbes, Foamenator, Heymak and EVERYONE who helped get this stickied.
Thank You!

Post #2 -Everything you neeed to know about a Blu-Baby
Post #3 -Airplanes modded and inspired by Tony's planes and plans.
Post #4 -Specialty Items/ How to do's
Post #7 -KFm family of wings. Info and picture.

Please feel free to post links to info you think would be beneficial to this thread.

** Tony's KFm Wing designations **
KFm6 by ApachePilot Only examples at time of listing.
Side view.

** Gallery - Tony 65x55 Appreciation Thread.... Post Your Pics **

** Funky Flier **
Build by Thewz (Plans Post#5 and 6)

** The Kline-Fogleman Modified Wing **
Page #1

** SE5a **
Plans Post #13

** Desert Hawk **

** Blu-Baby **
BB-24, BB-33. UC, Sport and KFM wings.
These are the plans for the BB42, the BBAP1 (52" and 60") and the BBAP2
2" monobloc

** skyote **
Bill Segraves / Tony
Plans Post #28

**Cute Little Fokker**
Build by Foamenator
Plans Post #2

Introducing the ** P-40 Blu-Tiger ** designed by Tony65x55!
Build by Foamenator

** The Mo-109e Fighter ** 1/10 Park Scale Messerschmitt
Build by Foamenator

** The Blu-Hurri ** - 1/10 Park Scale Hawker Hurricane
Build by Foamenator

** The Pitts Challenger ** more Plans, Pics and FUN!

** Blu-Sail II ** and the Joy of Monobloc and KFm Wings
Build by Foamenator
(Can be built with or without motor)
Plans with grid. Post #222

** PIRANHA! ** - 43" fff/monoblock/kfm4 aerobat
Build by Truglodite

** RAF SE5a - 32 inch! **

** Piper PA-36 Pawnee Brave Ag-Plane Plans, Pics and FUN! **

** Tuffy **
Pusher type Primary Trainer. Original build by Foamenator
** Mini-Tuffys ** 24" and 33" Post #140 with grid. Post #145 without grid.

Complete build log by Jackerbes
Part 1-4 Starting Post #130
Part 5-8 Starting Post # 152

** Cessna Skymaster 337/O2 **
Build by Foamenator

Many builds of tony65x55 designs seen here:
Show off your KF Aircraft
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