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Getting over to Shuttleworth is not a big deal for me. For more pikkies.
Be a nice day out actually.

As I aid in the email, 43x40 a 1500 RPM sounds on the money.

I am willing to bet the original Bleriot would not have had an engine that did much over 1000RPM if that.

Ok.. looks like you had either a 25hp Anzani or 50hp Gome between 50 and 100W/lb on a 660 lb AUW so half scale would be 1/8 the weight and power. so 80lb is pretty close to the mark and 3-6 bhp needed.

Top speed was reckoned to be 45mph, and a 7.3' prop is all I could find out. Engine speed was 1200RPM with a gnome rotary. Mmm. That works out if that was its pitch speed about 3.3 feet pitch. With a bit thrown in for luck it has to be about a 7x4 foot. Scale is against us here, cos that fullsize is not what we would call a plane with any airspeed margin. It must have stalled at 30mph or so..

So the choices are - stick to scaleish pitch and throw power at it or steepen the pitch and go for scale power as well, but leave a bit left in hand for emergencies.

Further confusion., The Anzani engined one is quoted in the wiki as having a 6ft 10" Chauvière Intégrale prop doing 1450 RPM on a 3 cylinder radial.

Well I've found some possible props. It seems that props were not standardised at all.
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