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Originally Posted by MoFl
I'd like to share some photos of the Turborix 6 ch system.

Also, some remarks:

The receivers and RF section are exactly the same than in the 4 ch system.

On the TX, the battery +12V is routed to two 5 volt regulators: a smd one, on the tracks side, which feeds the microcontroller, and a TO-220, comp side, which feeds the RF module. The +12V track also feeds a resistor divider going to the microcontroller (probably, just for voltage sensing). So, it isnít a problem to feed the TX with NiMHs, LiPos or anything that provides enough voltage for the regulators to work (typically 7.5V). From the photos in other posts, looks like the same applies to the 4 ch system.

The mainboard (not the same as 4 ch version) is prepared for another versions of the TX: Has room for reverse switches and a HF section (you can see the place for the XTAL (under the TO-220) regulator, and for the RF coils (marked IFT1ÖIFT5). The reverse switches are routed to microcontroller pins, maybe the program is prepared to react, maybe itís not (depends if itís the same micro/program than for the other versions with the same mainboard).

The PPM output of the microcontroller is routed to the trainer connector via 1k2 resistor. This signal is not used by the programming cable, but is useful for a PC simulator (Iíve used FMS with a standard USB simulator cable). The same microcontroller signal is routed to the PPM_IN of the RF module via a resistive divider.

The trainer/programming connector has all the pins wired (pinout in a previous post from keepitsimple). In the 4 ch system there is one wire missing.

The main IC on RF TX module and both RX modules is an A7122 ( The main and aux RX have the same RF board. There is a 16 pin SOIC labeled FS8004, in the TX module, both receivers RF boards and also in main RX motherboard. I havenít been able to find information on this one (same as somebody said in a previous post). Coud be some type of microcontroller.

I have a Futaba FP7UAP, and maybe I'll experiment feeding it's ppm signal into the Turborix's RF module (after adapting signal level), and see what happens. As the same USB simulator cord works with both radios, protocols should be quite compatible.

Hope this information is useful for somebody!
NoFi, interesting info, thx. Some of us are having rather unbelievable range test results which makes us wonder if the button is actually doing the job it supposed to. Also I've found that if I hold the button down before turning the TX on there is no transmission until I release the button. Does that make sense? Maybe you could shed some light on how the dang thing technically performs a range test? One flyer flew to his visual limits, pressed the range button and still maintained control!
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