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Re: Looking for flying sites in the Ft. Collins Colorado area.

Thanks for the info.
Every little bit helps :-)
Bob Ruth

>Go here:
>While this doesn't exactly address your question, I thought it would be of
>interest to you.
>Live long, and prosper
>Jerry L. Gubka
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>"BobAndVickey" <> wrote in message
>> Anyone know of some nice areas around the Fort Collins, Loveland and

>> Colorado to fly Sailplanes? I already know about the two R/C clubs, but

>> prefer flying in an area where mostly folks go to fly sailplanes. I am an

>> member so that is not an issue. I would be happy to join a RC sailplane

>> reasonably near. Working on and off on a couple of gliders and I hope to

>> ready to get back into flying again by the end of August. The building

>> flying went to the shelf for the last several months due to an economic
>> enforced vacation, better known as a layoff. Amazingly my old company

>> that they laid off the wrong person and with a few adjustments, I am fully
>> employed once again.
>> While I have belonged and enjoyed RC clubs, my main issue from experience

>> regular R/C clubs is that often electric and sailplane folks get treated

>> second class citizens and still pay the runway fees on top of the usual

>> dues for a strip that we almost never get to use. This is my second time
>> around with RC after a 10-year gap and I have no interest in fuel powered
>> engine flight. I want to stick with sailplanes, electric motors, and some

>> fliers.
>> Any suggestions of locations are greatly appreciated.
>> TIA
>> Bob Ruth
>> P.S. Yes I know this goes out all over the world, I am just hoping someone
>> local may be able to help me.
>> Please save the arrogant yank trolls for someone else.