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Originally Posted by carbonfibre
Hey thanks for this guys....I really appreciate it.

Ok, so the next pilot has 30 seconds to launch from the CD's call - then do they have another 30 seconds to fly up, gain height and start their run?

Yeah safety is always impt eh. Yep, I understand about the safety line. Can't quite visualize the sighting method you mentioned concreteman....We had a problem at our last race - where the Pole 'B' had to be over a gully - so the 50 m wire wouldn't reach. The buzzer man had to be 20 odd meters inside the course and sight out of the least it was the same for everyone.... Be nice to sort the sighting system out though.

Orange tape? - No, orange poles - 4 meters high. We drive in reinforcing steel into the ground - then slide the pole onto it. Poles work cool.

Is the CD the same person as at Buzzer Station 1? Or do you normally have a separate CD - who stands in the middle??

Yeah it would be great for Joe to 'show us how it is done'....that would be awesome!!

There are videos of F3F on Soaring USA's website; if you look at those, they will provide a lot of clues...

The CD is a seperate person from the base "buzzermen", and is in the center with the pilot.

Once launched, the pilot has 30 seconds to fly around, and be off course at base "A", then re-enter at base "A". If the pilot does not enter within the 30 seconds (Gets greedy climbing in a large thermal, for example), then the clock starts on his run anyway. This is what we call a "Late Start", and usually is a bad idea. I did once see a guy at Parker start 3 seconds late and record a 35 second run, though....

As for the bases, each of out poles have a line running from about 6-7' up, to a stake in the ground forward of that pole. The base buzzerman stands behind the pole, and "sights" down the line between the pole and the forward line.
The forward lines need to be at the same angle to the poles at each base, A and B.
The angle between the bases and these sight lines should be 90*.

When viewed from above, the course should look like a straight line, with two imaginary sight lines extending at 90* from the line between the bases. That should form a big square cornered "U" shape.....


PS. You can just see the sight line in the first picture, out of focus to the left of the pole.
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