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Each flight list rotation at race is usually called a "round"

Each day of flying several rounds is designated a "Race".

A whole series of races that are scored against one another, where the leaders' score becomes a score of 1000, and the others are less than that, is a "series".

I believe the rules require 6 competitors to start a race competition in F3F.
A race must have 4 rounds or more to be considered official.
The race may have one throw out round after 5 rounds are completed, and 2 after 15 rounds.

A safety (which is important to implement early on) is when someone flys behind the pre-designated "Safety line", usually a line from the CD to each base. It's important for all involved for the pilot to maintain control of his plane at all times for the safety of others.
If the pilot crosses the safety line, the CD shall give the pilot a 100 point deduction each time it happens in that round
If many safeties (3 or more?) are assigned to one pilot, the CD may disqualify the pilot from the rest of the race.

The pilot has 30 seconds to launch after the CD indicated he is ready for the flight to start. If the pilot is not launched by then, he recieves a "DNS".
If the plane is crashed during a run, he recieves a "DNF".

If you look at the bottom of this page, there are all types of similar topics on F3F, some will contain pics of the bases I'm sure.

Best wishes to the NZRL, New Zealand Racing League!!

If you get a chance, maybe you could talk Mr Joe Wurts into coming out and flying F3F with your group.... He's a very cool guy, and I'm sure if he had the time would love to race with you guys.

Best Regards,
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