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It warms my heart to see all the unusual PSS stuff people are coming up with these days. Great subject, good luck with it.
Slopemeno's right, the canard is going to take a beating, so you might want to go with low wing loading and/or coupled flaps and canard to get the landing speed down.
Personally, I wouldn't prototype anything in EPP before doing a glass version -it's just too much work and a chuckie give you enough of a clue about functionality. I'd do (and am doing now on other models) a lost foam fuse and foam wing, and if it flew well I'd use the original fuse as a mold plug.
I still build EPP occasionally, but not as a 'glass prototype'.
The original Quickie was 'moldless composite', basically glass over hotwired foam, so lost foam is almost scale. "Found Foam" would be true scale, I guess.

Too much drag on a PSS'er? I hear your words but I know not what they mean? The S stands for "Scale", not "Slick"

Onan Onan on.
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