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Originally Posted by BlueFFF

I really like the screen shots you did for your compaq. I dug mine out and it still works. Being able to change planes in the field and having tons of model memory really makes the 6ch TX worth the $60 bucks. I think I will just buy one of those rather than try to hack a way to use my Polks Tracker III for 2.4G. Would it be possible to build a cable to interface the compaq and the existing USB hookup on the TX rather then adding a special one to the TX? I'm thinking a special cable that could be connected to my existing Compaq cable and then to the USB port on the back of the TX leaving both TX and Compaq items in there original condition. What do you think?

I don't know too much about electronix stuff, but can do my own soldering when the need arrises, but I would need some instruction on how to do this if it is possible.



Leaving the TX+cable and Ipaq+cable intact is on my list of things. I hacked into my TX as it was just quicker to do than build a go-between module at the time and I don't have a 4 pin mini din plug like the one on the TX side of the usb cable so I already cut my cable.

To avoid cutting anything, I have put together a simple circuit that uses 3AA batteries. The parts should all be available at radio shack except possibly the 4 pin mini din, I'm going by my radio shack today to find out if they carry it. If not I'll have to order one from, they cost about $1.

The parts needed are:

max232n IC (level shifter 5V-12v)
5 1uf capacitors
small perf board
4 Pin Mini Din (S-video male plug)
breakaway header pins or male db9 (to connect to Ipaq or any pocket pc rs-232 serial cable)
a small switch
3AA or 3AAA battery holder

There are plenty of ways to do this but I think this is the least expensive solution. I'll post more detailed schematics and build photos once I'm done making it. You could also use a lipo or single 9v with the addition of a 5v regulator like a 7805. I'm not sure about the current usage but will test it and post my results.

In the attached photo you can see how I use my TX side connector for both the Ipaq and USB by cutting it and soldering in servo connectors. Only 3 wires are used so servo connectors and wire works great for this.
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