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Mike, Web,

Thanks. Those were cut and sanded down from some old time servo covers I picked up at my LHS. They were in some baggie with a little handwritten tag on them. So I don't know who made them, etc. I will try to find out when I go back to the shop this week and post then. Very light and rigid. About 6 gr. total for all four.

So here I am finally putting everything together to do all the radio programming and what do I find. My stab is very low on the right side when looking from the rear on the plane, i.e., it is not square to the wing (or rudder). A clawing sense of doom is setting in. And I can truly say "I didn't do it." This is the way it came. I'm hoping this is no big deal to fix, but having been away from the hobby for so long I have no idea just how to make this right. If I sight down the plane from behind the tail and line up the front edge of the stab with center panel t.e. in the middle the tip of the right half of the stab is quite low compared to the left (all done at neutral t.e.). Given that it's a carbon rod and pretty much fixed (doesn't bend)...what can I do to fix this? I flipped the stab (red side up) and it still drooped on the right side. And then the left side (with red up) was fine. When measured against a flat surface no warp was visible. Any suggestions are really most appreciated.

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