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Originally Posted by Angelo
Well, I finished the Huey body and got it mounted. I was pretty happy, IMHO I think it looks pretty good.

The I went to fly it. The first time, it barely got off the ground and spun when it did. I examined it, and the links had fallen out of the link guides when I re-assembled the head (I went against Mike's recommendation of leaving the top half of the body unglued to shoehorn it in, so I have to take the rotors off to mount the body) I fixed this and put the original body on, and it worked fine.

I just got a Tenergy 130ma battery and tried that with the Huey body. It flies, but takes a lot of throttle, 3/4 or more. It's less responsive, but i could live with that, it's more scale like. But after a minute, or less, it started wandering around on yaw. I think the higher motor speed/stress is causing a heat build up, causing the gyro to drift. The yaw problems get worse, then power goes down, and I'm landing with only a minute or so of flight.

I switched back to the stock body, put the same battery back in (no re-charge), and flew for another 4 minutes! The nimble performance was back, too.

I flew this with the unpainted Huey body when I first got it, and it flew fine. I guess, despite trying to keep the paint as thin as possible, the paint has made it too heavy. I would have never thought that paint would add that much weight. Don't know what I'll do, there's really nowhere to save any more weight. Maybe I'll get that Walkera 3#4, that's what this body was originally meant for.

Maybe vacu-forming this in color sheet and just cutting out the windows is the way to go.
Enamel or acrylics?
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