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Tom said:
Does anyone know if I could hack that $30 2.4ghz radio so that I can convert my RC Car radio (Airtronics MX-3) to this system? It does not have a trainer port to make it a simple external box setup. I am not even sure if the MX-3 radio uses the same FM/PPM code, standards are not always standards. I do need to get a 2.4 car radio, but I do not need it so bad that it warrants a $160-$250 purchase. All I need is 3 channels anyway. I have been using my DX7 radio, but it is a pain to be using it for a car.
Well, you may be able to just move all the parts over from one to the other. If the main logic board fits, it depends on if the board is too long or not, then it looks most promising. The only other gotcha is if the gimbal potentiometers have a similar total resistance to them or not. If the pots are like 40k in one radio but 100k in the other radio, that can cause problems. Usually the pot shafts are similar in size, so one may be able to move the pots over too.

I am not sure on just moving the RF module over, but for $30 it isn't a huge expense to have to learn on.
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