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Hey guys, for what it's worth, the tendancy for a glider to increase its bank while in a circling type of turn, really any turn for that matter, is that the outboard wing has a faster airspeed than the inside wing, and thus it generates more lift. If the turn is properly coordinated this will happen. When applying opposite aileron to maintain wing bank angle in a turn the coupled A/R acts to yaw the glider out of the turn, or cause slip, not tighten the turn to cause skid, or spiral it out of the sky. More A/R coupling helps to coordinate the roll manuever to enter the turn. Once in a constant energy, constant bank angle turn, then less A/R mix would be helpful. But you could simply push on the rudder stick to keep the fuselage level throughout the turn as you apply outside aileron (called cross control) Easy to learn to do too.

2 cents from me.


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